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  1. OH WOW! THAT’S AMAZING! Also adorable! X-D I love it. 😀 😀 😀 How do you make gifs, just out of curiosity? (Still don’t have Photoshop. Phooey.)
    Anyway, in other news, I showed my drawings of the Doctor and Compawnions to my Media Writing lab professor, and she loved them. 😀 I need to work more on the trench coat, though. And the cats when they’re standing upright, like humans. (Sometimes they stand upright and sometimes they stand on all fours. Depends on the comic and what I’m trying to do with it.)

    • Aw, thanks! Making gifs is actually pretty easy, you just open as many animation frames as you need, then show or hide different layers ( = parts of the drawing) for every frame! So for example, when animating the fairy, I had five different little layers with her in different positions, and showed a different position each frame, so that when played back quickly it looked like she was moving back and forth. Pretty basic animation!
      That’s great! I agree, though, trench coats can be pretty tricky. Clothing folds are one of the toughest things to get right – I usually just throw in a couple of curved lines and pray. As for cats standing upright, I think a good cheat / reference would be to look up pictures of meerkats! They’re built more or less like cats, and there should be no end of pictures of them on their hind legs.

      • Oh, cool! 😀 I need to learn how to do that. It would be nice to create animated stuff… like better versions of my attempts at Lego stopmotions. (There’s one where Han tries borrowing Qui-Gon’s lightsaber I made years ago. Pretty lame and jerky, really.
        Sounds good! I’ll have to take that advice. Also maybe just open a few stills of Tennant in the trench coat, see how it moves, stiffness vs. softness, drape, that sort of thing. It’s kind of ironic… fabric does some pretty unattractive things that you never notice while watching the movie or in real life, just in the photographs. Maybe I’ll sneak a few of those for comic effect at some point. 😛

  2. I’m bored…. and my normal roleplaying partner can’t answer her email… *gives you puppy dog eyes*

    • Aaaaah I’m sorry I’ve been binge-playing Assassin’s Creed, I didn’t see this! I’ll keep a sharper eye on my e-mail next time, sorry aahh

      • It’s okay. Roleplay with me? *does the puppy dog eyes again*
        (Also, do you mind roleplaying Doctor Who, because I recently and not-so-tragically lost the friend who introduced me to the show and she’s at a military prep school with no email like seven states away from me right now? That would be Iris, by the way… Wow, that was a long run-on sentence… DIE YOU *kills inner grammar Nazi*)

        • ARGH I’m sorry I keep missing these! Is it okay if I just start replying in disjointed intervals? I keep checking my email at the worst times!

          • That’s fine 🙂 It’s like getting paper mail. You never know what you’re gonna get and when you get something nice it’s a happy surprise. 😉
            (Which Doctor Who character would you prefer to roleplay as? I’d like to be the Tenth Doctor… We can mess up the timeline as much as we like because we are a menace. 😛 Companion from the old series? Sure. Someone who the Doctor has not met yet? Okay! We’ll just randomly explain it off somehow, and then fit it into the continuity later. Or not. We can just leave it out of the continuity. That’s the fun part of a roleplay. ;-P

              • Sure! 😀 This will be fun X-D
                (Iris and I tried to roleplay once. We broke down laughing, because I managed to imitate the verbal cascade almost perfectly. And she ended up sounding a little less like Donna and more like… um, someone else. :-P)

                • Aight, cool! I haven’t seen the show in a while, so my characterisation is gonna be way off, but…

                  • Meh, I never really had Donna down all that well anyway. I’m better at playing slightly scattered, eccentric characters ;-P

                    • Okie dokie, is there a setting?

                    • Between “Midnight” and “Turn Left”, I think. So just before the whole “Turn Left” and Donna’s last episodes. 😉 Other than that, I guess we’ll just set it up as we go. Allons-y! 😉
                      ((this is out of character remarks, in case there’s a question or something. Here we go!))
                      The Doctor came awake in half a second, rubbing at a rapidly-forming bruise and glaring at Donna. “Ow! What was that for? What did I do this time?”
                      ((Let the sass battle begin! 😛 ))

                    • Oh, I don’t know, maybe you just wanted to charge into a guarded fort and needed to be brought to whatever senses you have left?

                    • The Doctor rubbed his head, blinking. “But that was such a nice dream… wait! Was I sleepwalking? That’s never happened before, sleepwalking… I thought that only happened to humans!”

                    • *shrugs* Well, how am I supposed to bloody know? I’m not a xenobiolo- xenobiochem- whatever the hell profession studies aliens, I’m sure there’s a word.

                    • UNIT specialist. They’re called just “specialists.” It’s a euphemism. Anyway, what’s this about a guarded outpost?

                    • *points* You were gonna charge in there screwdrivers blazing, raving about some signals being off the charts or something. And once again, I haven’t got a bloody clue what you were on about, but it didn’t seem real thought-out to just rush in again…

                    • Oh, right. *pulls psychic paper out of pocket* There were fluctuations on the Kann variable and it was upside down–and in the void fields–which is theoretically impossible, but at the Bathryda University on Kalos in forty-thousand and five they found that it was happening! Trouble is, it only seems to happen when the upper atmosphere is excited and when there’s a Curie variable of five and the ozone layer has threads– just threads–of plasma. It’s impossible, but it’s happening. Isn’t that brilliant?
                      Worth a look at any rate. *grins*

                    • …Right, well. I didn’t understand a single damned thing you just said, but if we’re going sight-seeing then perhaps we could do it in a way that doesn’t set an entire brigade of watchmen on our tails,capiche?

                    • *sigh*
                      It only happens when there are mildly radioactive gasses in the atmosphere. During lightning storms which extend up to the ozone layer. Apparently. Because no one really knows how or even why it happens.
                      So I think there must either be an atmospheric simulator in there, or someone is trying to open an interdimensional portal–and doing a very bad job of it. But I’ve got the psychic paper, so we can either be whoever we have to in order to get in or, we can just slip past the guards when they’re changing out which should happen in… *takes a deep breath through the nose* About three minutes. What do you think, Donna?

                    • Mmm. Sounds like sneaking in will give us less trouble.
                      What exactly is it we’ll be looking at, though? Sounds like it might be a northern-lights, lightning-storm type deal, but I’d still like to know before we up and risk our necks to see it.

                    • Normally an atmospheric simulation generator is used to predict major storms on a small scale, or to run experiments when a computer simulation would be impractical. They’ve been also testing basic atmospheric manipulation–keeping it from raining and all that. Not that it’ll ever really work just keeping it from raining, but the smarter of these scientists want to keep hurricanes far out at sea and redirect tornadoes, that sort of thing. On the other hand, though, it’s possible that someone has been messing with their computer programs, in which case we should definitely–definitely shut it down. Usual stuff. Allons-y!

                    • Huh. Giant flashy weather-vane, then. Sounds good to me! And – oi there, looks like the guards are rotating now-

                    • Not quite, but never mind that! *grabs Donna’s hand and runs, flashing the psychic paper at the security gate as we go*
                      ((I guess that it can be used like that. Rose did it, and the Doctor did it to board a bus…))

                    • *trying to act as nonchalant as you can get while wearing purple polyester in a guarded facility* So, where is this cloud-simulator thing?

                    • *grins* I don’t know. But it should be somewhere in… that direction! *heads off*

                    • Oh for crying out – *jogs after*

                    • *opens a door* No… *opens a cupboard* No…. *opens another door* For crying out loud, who leaves their underwear in the toxic waste bin?!

                  • On second thoughts, some people’s underwear is toxic waste.

                    • *snickers* Do you even have any idea where you’re going? *sidesteps laundry trolley*

                    • Yes! Um, sort of… *dives sideways* Aha! It should be in here… *flourishes sonic screwdriver, drops it, and has to pick it up again before using it to open the door*

                    • Hmm. Smooth. I don’t suppose you – *steps through door* …..Oh. Oh wow.

                    • Impressive, isn’t it? And it seems both my guesses were right!

                    • What…*blinks* Why is it…flashing?

                    • *blinks rapidly* Ow. It’s giving me a headache. *pulls off my tie, uses it as a blindfold, and walks into the room, feeling things as I go* I guess someone decided to use the atmospheric simulator generator to make a portal to another world. But who would get an idea like that? It’s clever, but bonkers. You’d get your portal, but it wouldn’t be safe. Unless it was me doing it, of course.

                    • Nice. Very humble. *stares around squinting* That doesn’t make much sense, though. How does a weather machine create a portal to another world? It doesn’t make sense!

                    • It’s halfway through a phase change. From gas to plasma–excited matter. Except there’s a gap in between the phase change, and that’s how you can get through–but not here and now, it’s not safe. There are better ways of creating portals, but someone noticed that a portal always generates plasma–and that’s a bit clever–too clever…
                      This portal doesn’t go anywhere, Donna. It’s set to blow.

                    • Oh…Hm. Well that doesn’t sound good at all. I suppose we’re going to have to stop it from going kablammo?

                    • Absolutely. *marches over to the controls, nearly tripping over the wires hooked up to the atmopsheric simulator*

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