lilac and poppies lilies and bluebell

Wanted to practise backs and poses!


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  1. Yep, you’re definitely getting better all the time!

  2. ❤ the one with the pointe shoes! YAY! Pointe is awesome. (I danced ballet for fourteen years and pointe for four, so I'm a huge ballet fan 😉 )

    • Wow, haha, thanks! That’s a lot of ballet! And I agree, it is very cool.

      • Yeah, but I’ve never gotten tired of it. Just the rudeness of my classmates at times. Some of them seemed like they were only there because it was what their parents wanted. :-/

        • Yeah…I remember signing up for ballet classes when I was little, and even though I was the only one who could remember all the moves in the right order I was always put in the back because I was a little chubbier than the other kids. It’s fun in practice, but the whole ideology and culture surrounding it threw me off.

          • That’s no fair. They shouldn’t do that–it’s so frustrating! (I was always in the back because I covered up everyone else–I’m so tall. I only got to lead sections twice–well, three times, but two times were from the same year. And I remembered everything, even was pretty good at improv… *sigh* My technique wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t Royal School level, either.)

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