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god died tidy1

sand tidy

A couple of warmup doodles based on song lyrics!



New sidebar pic! Eugh, looks like it’s glitching pretty badly. Click on it to see it properly!


tablet contest thing

I entered an art contest where you had to draw one of a set of characters. I chose this melancholy gentleman – it occurs to me that this might be the highest quality I’ve ever achieved in a drawing? In any case, I do feel like I’ve improved a good deal over the past year. For comparison, here’s the glowing goop noodle I drew back in October:

no really

And lo, how far we’ve come.



Speedpaint to play with colours. Walk Like You is a good song.



Just dropping this off here. Happy new year everyone

Progress is slow


Just a simple progress report on the Homestuck thing I said I was doing. Looks good so far.

Edit: Oh hey whoa 100th post! Sweet. *fanfare*

Homestuck Lineup

I’ve been working on a character lineup of Homestuck‘s main cast. This is the…Whaddya call it? Base sketch? The outliney thingy you do before you start working on it. Anyway.

I think I might actually prefer this to the finished product, but there you go.







The lines are kind of thick and fuzzy because Photoshop automatically gives it a white background, so I managed to get a screenshot of what it looks like when I’m working on it.



Better, no?

From left to right: John Egbert, Rose LaLonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley. I am currently working on the…Completed version? Seriously, I have no idea what to call these things.

Anyway, if you clicked any of those links you might be wondering why exactly I think this series is so awesome. Well, for starters, this. That right there. (Quite a bit of blood and rapidly flashing colours there, so if you’d rather avoid that, then this one is much, much tamer.) I realize it might dampen the impact to have no idea what’s going on, just…just look at how awesome everything is, and maybe for starters try and recognize the characters above? That’s all I’ve got to say for now.


Art 38 : Margery



Bound to the Flame co-main character! Experimented a bit more with colours on this one. I remain convinced that whatever kind of jacket that is, it is not historically accurate. In any time period.



Art 37 : Green Monk



This started out as an attempt to do something more detailed and layered than before, but then I got to the hair and said, ‘meh’.


Art 36 : Melilana



Two Bound To The Flame character portraits in a row! IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS

This one’s of Queen Melilana, Rowan’s mother. I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about drawing her so I did a sort of young brunette Galadriel. Again, she turned out a bit younger than I intended. I guess I just suck at drawing people over thirty.

Something’s a bit odd with the proportions, I think, maybe in the diadem and certainly in the arms…Arms which I redrew over and over until my hands shriveled up and dropped off, so I’m just going to leave it as it is.


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