I’m a teenage jerk somebody unwisely gave Photoshop access to. That’s all you really need to know about me.


This started as an excuse to draw Zelda comics.



Then Lord of the Rings fanart. Now, apparently, Homestuck fanart. It changes a lot.


This really is an artistic blog, so the best way to explain what goes on here is with some samples, ‘ere.


Rheadwynhalloweenmashupmy favourite panel maybe? idk I'm still in love with grimdark rose and suicide dave

















































(here have a davesprite)




  1. Just dropped by to say, Merry Christmas! (Gotta fly; got many more blogs to visit!)

  2. Hey, I just thought I’d let you know, I nominated you for a Liebster Award because your blog is pretty damn cool! Details can be found here:

  3. I’ve always wanted to draw Obi-Wan with elf ears… X-P

  4. I know what you mean about how we yell at the world and it takes no notice. X-P Incidentally, I thought the comics with Link’s mustache were hilarious (even though I’ve never played Legend of Zelda so I don’t know the characters therefrom); are you planning on doing any more in the near future? πŸ˜‰
    Did I mention I like the “stupid mustache”? X-P That was great. Especially since he’s (apparently) an Elf! WEARING A MUSTACHE!!! X-D Brilliance! The pinnacle of humor!
    He definitely wears it way better than Watson… X-P

  5. Hey Sheikah, I found this on another site. The artist is really good, but does somewhat… darker… work.
    It was a Link fanart, so I thought you might want to see it. πŸ™‚

    • Nice! He seems to be great at lighting — something I desperately need to work on.
      I think I have a couple free hours right about now, if you wanted to character-develop.

      • Sounds great! *switches to other thread*

        • I have the link for the part of the novel we were working on in our roleplay:
          Please tell me what you think! πŸ™‚

          • Thanks for your feedback… I can’t get to get this scene to flow right. *grimace* I’m working on correcting the problems, but this bit of the book seems to hate me. I also need to integrate Verun’s loosing control better. *grimace* Part of it is his history, but part is because because he’s a bit of a throwback, to when the shapeshifters first began to appear, because originally (though this is something no one really remembers) all the shapeshifters were born to non-shapeshifter parents, and they would have the same problems adjusting–and as such he’s having the same problems… What I’m going for in this scene is perhaps a little overambitious, but I’m trying to get across something of both characters’ personalities, Verun’s problems with control, and the incredibly beautiful weapons that necessitate them using a slightly-different fighting style. About getting Karyll’s character: you were pretty close. πŸ™‚ He loves his younger brother deeply, and is kind and has a sense of humor, but he knows that if he wants Verun to survive, he’s going to have to teach him hard lessons, and that can make him gruff. So yes, pretty close. πŸ˜‰

            • I agree that trying to subtly insinuate several different things at once is difficult — especially if the reader knows nothing about what you’re implying. Maybe you could cover the fighting style later on: if this segment’s purpose is to introduce Verun’s self-control problems, you should try to focus on putting that forward. I hope I helped πŸ™‚

  6. Question: Has anyone ever considered drawing Link with the hood actually pulled up over his face and shading it, or is it too small for that… I accidentally came across some game-play footage while browsing YouTube, and while I know some pretty abysmal things can happen with any animation (case in point; Galen Marek’s traveling “mole” in “The Force Unleashed”), I have to wonder at times if they pinned Morgana’s hoods to her head in “Merlin” since mine won’t stay on for love nor money and I wonder if they used virtual “bobby pins” on other characters too? Wait a minute, that didn’t make much sense…
    What I’m trying to say is, I think they sometimes just animate characters with their clothing treated as actually being part of their bodies. For instance, in the Clone Wars, I’m pretty sure that Rako Hardeen, whom Obi-Wan impersonates in the series, is just the same size/build guidelines with a different head model stuck on, to make the masquerade more believable. And then there’s Obi-Wan wearing Mandalorian armor (which is skin-tight, I guess.) Also, I think that, all such nonsense aside, the armor might’ve been a little uncomfortable to wear, because it IS skin-tight…
    Sorry, I should probably be in bed already. πŸ˜› I will write sentences in the morning: “Erin should not ramble around, trolling other people’s blogs like a zombie, making no sense whatsoever, at nine p.m. her time.”

    • To answer your first question, I think it’s more of a cap than a hood, so it can’t really be pulled over a face.
      As for the rest of that…I, uh…I’m not sure what to say. πŸ˜›

      • *points to my blog* Sorry, I was half asleep. πŸ˜›
        It is? Oh. *wanders off to draw Merlin with a hood* What does Link do when he needs to hide his identity, then???
        Ohmygoodness! How To Train Your Dragon 2!!! *freaks out* IT’S GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!!!

        • Usually? Masks. Masks are a pretty big recurring theme in the games. In Majora’s Mask you put on different masks to change your species, so like if there’s an underwater mission or something you put on the Zora Mask (the Zora are basically dolphin-elves).
          Hmm. As someone who has read the books, I’m feeling sceptical about this whole ‘make a gajillion sequels’ business. I mean, remember what they did to Shrek? I dunno, I just don’t think it’s going to be as great as everyone thinks.

          • That sounds like an old Lego theme, called “Bionicle.” The heroes were given their power by the masks they wore. The Mask of Life was the most important one. It could be used to return life to someone who had been murdered, but only at the sacrifice of the life of the wearer. (Sort of like the Power Over Life and Death in Merlin.) In end, the Mask was flung from the galaxy with the Protector Spirit trapped within it. (I think that they did do a sequel with the Protector Spirit returning, but I wouldn’t know. I only know this much because my brother thought it was “cool.”)
            I actually feel pretty confident about the HTTYD sequel, since Kung Fu Panda 2 was actually better than the original, in my opinion. (I have not seen the Shrek movies.) But you’re right, in no way is it like the books any more. This is more of a spin-off of the books than a movie adaption, in my mind. If anything, I’m worried about the fate of “Star Wars.” As a stand-alone, the HTTYD movie is pretty good, but it’s nothing like the book. I kind of like the way Cressida Cowell draws us deeper into the world more gradually and slowly unveils new problems; but the most amazing thing about the books is that she never ever contradicts herself, which is pretty tough in a developing mythology.

            • I was a huge Bionicle fan when I was, oh, twelve (which actually isn’t that long ago, hmm), so yeah, I guess I can see how you’d compare the two.
              I am one of those purist the-book-was-better people, and so as I read all eight first books of the series (is the ninth out yet? I can’t find it), when I saw the film trailer I got the same sinking feeling as when I heard about the Hobbit or Ender’s Game adaptations.
              (For future reference, the first Shrek movie was probably the most successful children’s fantasy movie ever — it was funny and cleverly written. The next four sequels, on the other hand, were none of these things.)

              • Ah… me too. I couldn’t believe the mangled mess the Chronicles of Narnia was in after… *shudder* Disney. I haven’t seen it, and I’m not sure I want to. I’m not a princess person, much, and anyway the non-princess movies are WAY better.
                I read “Peter Pan” (the book) and couldn’t believe how much the movie left out! I mean, I understand a forty-five minute time limit, but that was ridiculous. So I’m beginning a project to try and do a novelization of the movies/re-telling of the book that reconciles with itself… it begins in the same way as the book, but it spins off later. For instance, toward the end of the project, Peter and Wendy’s children (Jane and Daniel) are kidnapped, and as Peter is absent, Neverland loses its most important member and begins to fall apart. Essentially, since Peter is the life of the island, reality is warping, time folds in on itself, and monsters are being released. Similar things are happening on the mainland. Hook winds up seeking Wendy’s help to rescue them.
                I thought I might have a crack at the Disney movie and sequel, especially since I don’t like this sweet, peppy version of Tinker Bell they’re selling in the new movies. I think the original character from J.M. Barrie’s novel worked better, if she was “less pleasant.” Besides, the only rule of the Tinker Bell movies seems to be “destroy any and all continuity with Peter Pan and Return to Neverland.” “Return” had its own continuity issues, too, and a couple of glaring plot holes, besides some unnecessary comic relief (I mean, Hook visually turning into a codfish? Who needs that? And frankly, who really wanted to see it?! Yikes!) I can’t possibly make worse hash of it than Disney has done already. “Return” was quite possibly the worst sequel I’ve seen, and I wish it had been done in the style of the original movie… the story had potential, but they did not use their assets to best advantage.
                I’m trying to emulate Barry’s style, but a bit of Tolkien is peeping through the gaps. πŸ˜› Oh well.

                • Hah, I’d love to read that! Have you posted any of it anywhere?

                  • Not yet. Iris has agreed to let me post on her fanfiction account, but it will be a while in the completion, and I want to be a bit farther along before I post anywhere. πŸ™‚

                    • Ah. Well, I look forward to it!

                    • πŸ˜€ I’m enjoying writing it so far. I’m afraid, though, that except on the surface, my Peter is not really either the Peter of Disney or of Barrie. I tried to keep it true to the character, but things just kept on branching out and finally I threw up my hands and said, “Whatever. I guess it can’t hurt to let the Peter in my imagination out.”

                    • Heh heh. I get that a lot. I find the trick is to not think of the character as, say, “Barrie’s Peter” or “Herbert’s Paul” and just think of the character as simply the character you think of when you hear “Peter Pan” or “Paul Atreides” or whomever, and then write them according to that image.

                    • Ah. πŸ˜‰ Then yes, my interpretation of Peter is different but not, I feel, untrue to his character.
                      Oh, and also I like James in “Pirate Fairy.” He was about the only really deep part of the movie, other than Zarina’s story, and then there were the visually stunning effects, which were better than most of the other Tinker Bell movies but not quite on par with the lovely winter wonderland of “Secret of the Wings.” I have a feeling that James is probably going to be a driving force behind my interpretation of Hook. Normally, when you have a villain he’ll be darkly handsome or visually repulsive, but with James it was eerie because he has this innocent, charming sort of look and is unusually clear-eyed, which is not that usual in villains, and by the time you realize oh, he has an agenda of EVIL, that innocent, sweet look and continued hypnotic charm is just mesmerizing. (Also the actor is just plain brilliant.)
                      Sorry, I did not mean to rave about Hook (and you don’t need to worry, I am not crushing on him, I was just raving about how amazing he is as a character and how beautifully his actions resonate once you realize he’s the REAL villain… *sigh* It was amazing. Though still not on par with Sherlock… I mean, how do you beat… *shudder* Moriarty? Also, what is it with villains having the first name “James”?!)

                    • I dunno, James is kinda an evil name. I guess it makes you think of 18th century British aristocracy? *shrug*
                      I mean, I don’t think you’d ever name a villain, say, Bob, because that’s not dark and mysterious, while you could easily picture someone named James or Carter or Gerald having a chilling evil laugh.

                    • Indeed. Though Bob might be a good name for a villain with less complexity and more idiocy who is just plain insane. In fact, the name of the “person” normally responsible for my writing block is “Bob the Marshmallow.” X-P

                    • Haha, “Bob Staypuft” I presume? πŸ˜›

                    • Perhaps. Bob the Marshmallow is my main annoyance though. ;-P

                • And yeah, Tinkerbell was a little lump of frail, insipid sugar.

    • Why you traitorous auxiliatrix to my personal demise. Fine.

      • πŸ˜›
        Don’t worry, I got all the rest of my friends on the other one, too. I wasn’t singling you out. ;-P

        • Yeah, I saw…but this has been, oh I don’t know, the third time? I’m running out of random facts about myself, milady πŸ˜›

          • Funny how that works. πŸ˜› (And I got tagged twice with the Liebster award… I think it was you and then Rosalie… or vice versa? I don’t remember. Anyway, I cheated and compressed the two posts into one. :-P)
            This one only requires five random facts. πŸ˜› Also, I think the Liebster circulates more than any other blog award… Do you know where it originated?

            • Absolutely no clue. What I do know is that it goes around like a flippin’ virus once it gets nudged into a corner. Which is almost inevitable with an award that exclusively targets small-time bloggers. /:c

  7. Please don’t be mad with me, and remember, this is a TAG, not an award… πŸ˜‰ Also, it’s new so it kind of needs a boost.

  8. I just finished watching the first season of the Doctor Who reboot. I want to hug Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor. He’s awesome. And would you call me crazy if I told you that I spent most of the final few minutes of the finale laughing my head off at David Tennant’s face? (Seriously, his face is hilarious. I swear by Jack Harkness’ smelliest boots… Also, Jack Harkness would flirt with a rock if he thought it would get anywhere.)

    • Hahahah, congrats! You’re absolutely right, Mr Harkness is a gem.
      While Eccleston’s Doctor is absolutely fantastic see what I did there, my all-time favourite is definitely Tennant’s — he’s one of the most powerful actors I’ve come across! I think you might like his stuff even more.

      • I have to find it first. My local library doesn’t have Season Two 😦

        • You could always watch it online. TVids works pretty well for me, though I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have adblock…

          • I used to have Adblock, but then my Firefox inexplicably stopped working. *pokes Google because I’m not much of a fan of Chrome*

          • Oh, goodness. You were right. X-D (Is he Scottish? Because that looked an awful lot like a William Wallace impression to me. On an alien spacecraft. While wearing pajamas. Oh my goodness. I can’t stop laughing… Does this Doctor do a lot of impressions of other people???)

            • Yes and yes πŸ˜‰

              • Awww… K9… :-3 In the obligatory The-School-With-Something-To-Hide episode, just a man and his dog… well, Time Lord but you get the picture X-D And I laughed SO hard at Math Genius Rose. Even though it wasn’t a funny part of the episode… And lunch lady Rose… *snerk* Does Anthony Head always play villains/semi-ambiguous-sort-of-villains? He was great in Merlin as Uther…

                • Rose is certainly enthusiastic about chips! If I recall correctly, K9 actually comes back again in a later episode? But don’t take my word for it…
                  And I, uh, have never seen Merlin. But that’s probably the case!

                  • French fries. How diluted does that stuff have to be not to kill you, I wonder?
                    It’s okay… it ran from 2008-2013, I think. Just like the Clone Wars did. Also like the Clone Wars, it ended all too soon… I now have a list of fandoms I once liked which I now try to avoid. It’s sad but true. Star Wars is on the list, because I’m worried that Disney is going to screw it up. They don’t have a good precedent, so I don’t trust them. Too many movies which were ultimately forgettable, and I’m holding a grudge over Tinker Bell because it’s gone dramatically down hill. No one was true to character in the most recent movie. The only rule in the Tinker Bell franchise appears to be “destroy all continuity with Peter Pan and itself.” And everyone got mad at me when I said I thought it would be good if they decided to do a reboot, only make them NOT six-inch-high fairies and young women in a steampunk world instead. People, this is the age of the Internet. I can blow your lovely girly-giggly-no-consequences-attached kiddie show to pieces and reconstruct it some other way as a fanfic if I want! And there would be someone out there who would like it, too. But really, I’d rather write my own story about six young women who end up on a voyage to the ends of the earth than do a fanfic of that nonsense, because with one there’s the possibility of generating income and the other would probably be mostly misery, if safer. I’ll take the risks, thank you…
                    (Sorry about the rant. I quit Tinker Bell after Fawn’s out-of-character-ness in “Neverbeast”–honestly. Who the h-e-double-toothpicks is that? I didn’t even realize who it was supposed to be. Grrr. Unfortunately, I still have to live with it because my sister is five years old and not ready for Tolkien yet and probably doesn’t realize just how insipid the franchise is.)

                    • Oh dang…Steampunk postpocalyptic Tinkerbell. I would be 120% here for that.
                      Nobody is too young for Tolkien! My friend first read LotR at age 7! Get her started on the Hobbit and work your way up from there! You can do ittt

                    • WHOOP! I KNEW I COULD NOT BE THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!!
                      Will now write it. Only as an original series, because that would be awesome and also I can totally think of way more awesome names for the gals. πŸ˜›
                      I will ^_^ Only no movies until she’s 14. Because some of that is disturbing (gore much? Bah, Peter Jackson.) Anyway, Hugo Weaving is my new favorite thing about LotR movies, because HE WAS THE BEST ACTOR IN THE ROOM at the Council of Elrond. You can’t see it so much unless you’re watching the Extended Editions and then WOW. (What is it with me liking older actors? Probably because they’re really good at what they do. Christopher Eccleston is awesome too. If only time weren’t so annoying and I wasn’t years away from being published I’d SO want him to play a character in a movie adaption of one of my books, only if I was consulting on the movie I’d probably be hopelessly fangirling the entire time… never mind. I reserve my right to platonically fangirl awesome people.)

                    • Yesss awesome
                      And yeah, Weaving is dang talented – can’t beat those eyebrows (Γ΅__Γ³)

                    • IKR?!!! I think that, when, eventually, I am finally allowed to watch other movies where Weaving plays a villain (already saw Captain America, heh), I will probably like his villains… he was so impressively terrifying in “The First Avenger…”
                      *pokes Loki* *prods Loki again* *hits Loki with a mop handle* HEY YOU! MOVE! YOU’RE IN MY WAY! *elbows him*
                      Gah, stupid creepy villains who sit on MY corner of the mind palace couch. *wallops Loki with cleaning supplies* Here, you can go clean the windows on the seventy-third floor of the tower!

  9. Shiekah! Quick! Jenny’s playing a video game and I need SFX! (My sister has an adorable drawing, so. πŸ˜‰ )

  10. I just started the sixth season of Doctor Who. “The Doctor’s Wife” was funny and sad, but it left me with some pretty big, glaring questions…
    Also, there’s some pretty crazy and/or messed up stuff in this fandom. When I think about it, it makes me wonder how I’m even IN this fandom. And then I remember that it’s because of the characters… I love Rory. He’s so sweet. And the sane one. πŸ˜›

    • Oh, yeah, the sixth season is where the crazy plots start πŸ˜› and yeah, the fandom’s a little….extreme sometimes. But if you enjoy being in it, that’s what counts!

      • Rory is awesome!!! πŸ˜€
        I caught a part of an episode with the Twelfth Doctor. I like him. I kinda feel like I’d like to see him with another companion, though, because it was kind of interesting to see how Ten built up totally different rapports with Rose, Martha, and Donna. Don’t get me wrong, Clara’s sweet and all, but I feel like I’d like to see Twelve working with someone else as well…
        Clara’s best scene, in my opinion: nearly shoving the Doctor into the TARDIS console with a hug attack. πŸ˜›
        Downside: I stayed up past 11 p.m. AFTER working and I hurt, because I carried way too much heavy stuff at work–I had to thaw out like five boxes of fruit juice. (And each of those has twelve quarts–three gallons–a gallon of water weighs eight pounds–each box is therefore about twenty-four pounds. Ouch.) I think I just need a new job.
        Anyway: Bottom line. I think I should check Neil Gaiman out. I don’t know what to think about the poor woman who had her soul sucked out to make room for the TARDIS’s consciousness, and I want to know what happened to the other Time Lords who were lured to the asteroid, because the way they told it they might not all be dead. The Doctor would probably not have managed to figure out a way out if Amy and Rory hadn’t been in danger. And how did House manage to make Amy hallucinate? That wasn’t necessarily established as something it could do. This was overall a good episode but it had some plot holes.

        • DEFINITELY check out Neil Gaiman, he’s one of my favourite authors and wrote the best of Smith’s episodes!
          And yeah…If your job breaks your back daily, maybe it’s not the best job to have πŸ˜›

          • Yeah… It normally isn’t this physically taxing, but it’s taking more of an emotional toll than I’m willing to give. Also, it’s soulless and people who come to the counter think I don’t have a soul.

  11. By the way, some friends and I started a Doctor Who audio drama fan production–it’s a rewrite of the campy Doctor Who movie because even if the movie was lame the Eighth Doctor is not. Would you like to weigh in? @_@

  12. STAR WARS VII. It’s so visually gorgeous… if you haven’t seen it yet GO SEE IT! There are incredible shots and the cinematography is brilliant. Not very like the older Star Wars movies but it’s a good sort of different, I think.

  13. Am working on Twelve’s cat design. I think I’ll refer to him as CaPAWldi from now on. πŸ˜›

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