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lilac and poppies lilies and bluebell

Wanted to practise backs and poses!



#tw : the following imagery can severely creep people out.


Terezi, to complement the one I did of Karkat a week ago, which was so unbelievably terrible I won’t even link to it. Basically I did pretty much the same thing except without making the same mistakes I did with Kk.

I…I honestly didn’t intend for her to look this absolutely terrifying. I mean, I was shooting for a little creepy, because let’s face it, that’s who Terezi is. I don’t know how…this happened. Look, this was the image I was using as a reference. …She’s starting to creep me out a little, which is saying a lot since I’m the one who drew her. Eh.

So her horns look like paper tubes she stuck to her head, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

In other news, happy 11/11 everybody! For both the reasons that I celebrate – the reason that makes today a national holiday and allowed me to take the time to make this freakish portrait in the first place, as well as the anniversary of the Alpha Kids’ entry into the game. Yeah yeah so long story short I love Homestuck probably a lot more than I let on blah, I was going to do a bunch of doodles celebrating both occasions plus a Skyrim-themed one because there’s that too, but meeehhhhh

Bleed Like Me

Song is Bleed Like Me, which I can’t stick into this post directly because I’m a bankrupt hobo who didn’t pay for the space upgrade

Why Is Kanaya here, she isn't even relevant, idk

Dirk isn't a suit kind of guy but damn if he would't look good in one

I could just keep drawing Trickster Dirk forever, look at him, look at the *soda can* in his *hair*

Paraphrased from the original song but w/e

heart symbol instead of hat symbol because it seemed appropriate

I haven't decided which kid is Speedie

There was supposed to be Jack representing the devil in this one, what happened


I love these kids so much but for some reason it's fun to draw them dead

clearly this is the panel I put the most effort into, 5 stars

actually this might be the panel I put the most effort into, it's certainly the most complex

my favourite panel maybe? idk I'm still in love with grimdark rose and suicide dave

I don't know why she's smiling

Dave's neck is slit because he died that way once (but dave has died so many times I would probably have to just scribble red all over the place if I wanted to be accurate)

still don't know why she's smiling


My very first Lyricstuck! I’m so proud.

Sorry about how it only starts at the second verse, I only drew the relevant parts. So just sort of…wait out the two extra verses? Uh.

Song is paraphrased in some places for obvious reasons. Not much though, if I rewrote it excessively it would be like cheating. It would be cheating. You have no idea how much I wanted to write in “TG” instead of “JT”.

Anyway. Really pleased with how this turned out, I was basically messing around in Photoshop, having finally gained access to the latest version, and it kinda snowballed. This is…possibly the best thing I’ve painted, ever? *shrug* I’m not counting.

Cherry Red

no really

Bleeeahhgh this thing is so chalky and gross but whatever, here you go, a thing I made this afternoon, click to enlarge

It definitely lost something in the colouring in, the original sketch is way more vibrant look




(I do love his hair though, I mean look at it)

Progress is slow


Just a simple progress report on the Homestuck thing I said I was doing. Looks good so far.

Edit: Oh hey whoa 100th post! Sweet. *fanfare*

Homestuck Lineup

I’ve been working on a character lineup of Homestuck‘s main cast. This is the…Whaddya call it? Base sketch? The outliney thingy you do before you start working on it. Anyway.

I think I might actually prefer this to the finished product, but there you go.







The lines are kind of thick and fuzzy because Photoshop automatically gives it a white background, so I managed to get a screenshot of what it looks like when I’m working on it.



Better, no?

From left to right: John Egbert, Rose LaLonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley. I am currently working on the…Completed version? Seriously, I have no idea what to call these things.

Anyway, if you clicked any of those links you might be wondering why exactly I think this series is so awesome. Well, for starters, this. That right there. (Quite a bit of blood and rapidly flashing colours there, so if you’d rather avoid that, then this one is much, much tamer.) I realize it might dampen the impact to have no idea what’s going on, just…just look at how awesome everything is, and maybe for starters try and recognize the characters above? That’s all I’ve got to say for now.


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