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Hang On a Second



Take a look at this.

Got it?

Now take a look at this.

Now, I don’t know about you, but…

…Nintendo may actually have been listening to Diaz.

Don’t you think?


Art 31: Chellda





I finished SSBB and Portal 2 two days ago on the same day, and it sort of all got mushed together in my head and this is the end result. You can sort of see where I got lazy and decided not to draw her feet, but overall I’m quite pleased with it. Think of this as a Halloween special, I guess. There won’t be much coming for a while now because I’m working on something else.

Sheikah out.

Comic 22 : Milk Cans

I's in ur ranchez, steelin ur botelz








SO. Inactive for two whole months. New record achieved, I guess. I’ve mostly been stalled due to lack of time. I probably won’t even be able to post again until the summer holidays; I might even have to cancel working on the Dungeons & Dragons backstory comics. *SIGH*


I’m not entirely sure this comic is valid, because so far I haven’t actually come across any glass milk cans at Lonlon Ranch. But hey, it’s funny and I enjoyed drawing it, so whatever.

For those of you who have never played Zelda and therefore don’t get it, glass bottles are often considered one of the most valuable and useful items in the Zelda games. It’s the only container capable of storing consumables in Ocarina of Time : bugs to dig underground, fish to bribe the giant whale beast, poes to sell to the creepy psychic guy, three different types of magic potions, fairies that automatically revive you when you die; and, of course, lonlon milk.

There are only four bottles to collect in the entire game, making them rare and valuable as well as desirable. If you could just get a giant milk can from Lonlon Ranch, it would be able to hold, like, ten fairies, and would pretty much make you invincible.

The idea is right up there with that of strapping a cuckoo to your shield to get a cuckoo swarm to beat up anyone who hits you. Which, now that I’ve mentioned it, I just might draw a comic about. Hmm.

Anyway, I now wish you a good month, as I probably won’t be posting again for a while.


P.S: The text might be a bit blurry, so you should probably click to zoom.

Comics 19 – 20 : Ikki Ikki Ikki Ptang Ptang / Rollin’




I needed to make the reference. At least once.



Rickrollin', that is



So as you can see, both scanner and tablet are functioning properly again. The image quality is pretty foggy, but there’s not much I can do about that. These are two lighthearted comics I drew a couple weeks ago, which I particularly like because of the style — less distracting detail, more expressive motion.


Art 25 : Christmas Special

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry only-three-more-days-until-Christmas! Yes, I’m releasing this early because I’d probably forget to do it come the actual day. So sue me.

I recommend zooming in by clicking on it, though; there’s quite a bit of detail you can’t see when it’s full-size, especially around Midna and her helmet.

Boy that imp looks pissed off.


Art 23 : Make Her Shut Up

Not much exciting going on around here. Although it’s getting really annoying going around looking at Lotr stuff on the internet, since the whole system’s clogged up with The Hobbit trailers. I don’t want to know beforehand, guys. I want to see the movie myself, in around a year’s time, when it comes out on DVD. No having to hang around in a grimy cinema with fifty other popcorn-munching people. No spoilers. And no, having read the book does not count as spoilers.

Anyway. Here’s my interpretation of Navi the fairy.

I am rubbish at megaphones.

Also, who else here thinks that  Billy Boyd would make a good companion for the Doctor?


Art 16 : Art Collection : Zelda

I decided I wanted all the sketches I had done lately to be neatly grouped into three categories : Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Other. Here is the Zelda art.


Link and Zelda in modern clothing.


The three goddesses as schoolgirls. Apparently Din goes to a school where students are allowed to show their belly buttons. They sure don’t at my school.


Just your typical portrait of Link. It may look a bit blurry and stuff, because I had to crop the image on account of there being spots and smudges of pencil lead, and then Photoshop zoomed in on the picture automatically. Ah well, doesn’t really matter.


Portrait of Oni Link.


Spider-Sheik, Spider-Sheik… Yeah, I can’t parody a song when I don’t know the rest of the words. It would probably be something about Deku Nuts, anyway.

Done in blue ink. That’s why it’s blue.


So, there you go. I’ll give it a few days then upload the LotR ones. Hope you like it!


Comic 16 : Alternate Backstory for Vaati (part 7)

I had soooo much fun drawing Ezlo in the last couple panels. ;D

So : There are a couple of things I’d like your opinion on.

One : This comic wraps up the Vaati’s Backstory series, since this is where the backstory ends and the game starts. Ezlo turns into a hat, Vaati goes and takes over Hyrule, etcetera. But some of you out there may not be satisfied with this ending. So I’m willing to do a few more comics in the series that lead up to a “proper” ending. I’ll warn you though : It’ll probably be quick work, be really cheesy, and, frankly, I just don’t want to do it. So it’s up to you guys to decide : should I or should I not prolong the series?

And Two : There are a ton of sketches I’ve made lately, and I figure they’re too many in number to stick all in one post. I think maybe I should put all the Zelda ones in one post and all the Lord of the Rings ones in another. What do you think? Or do you want them all tossed into one pack?

So anyway, there you go. Not much else to talk about…OH. except the fact that I FINALLY got to order that Aikonia poster I’ve been wanting so bad. It’s the Adventurers one. It totally rocks. Thank you, Aikonia people, for making such awesome stuff!


Comic 15 : Alternate Backstory for Vaati (part 6)

Ah-ha! So it was the click of the door unlocking that interrupted Vaati in the last comic. Everything’s clear now.

As in the last comic we had the wind-blow letters effect, in this one we have the fiery letters. It is so much fun to draw letters like that.

Uhhh, yeah, not much else to talk about. Though I did find this awesome t-shirt online. Yes, I totally ordered it.

Okay, I think I’ve posted too many links already in the last backstory comic, I’m gonna stop now. Just sayin’ : cool t-shirt.


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