Creative writings! Love ’em.

Let’s All Be Heroes — my first actual structured story, which I wrote way back in September 2012. Fantasy, quests and silliness. I actually wrote a sequel Nov-June 2012-13, but I’m not releasing it yet. Unless someone begs. Really, really hard.

Born To Slay Dragons — okay, maybe not that hard. Yes, this is the sequel I started writing in November 2012, finished in July 2013, but never actually released until February 2014. Less light-hearted than the first in one, but the writing is much more coherent. Not so much quest-driven as whoa-someone’s-actually-trying-to-kill-us driven.

    Wow. Season Six. Looks like Stephen King threw up all over these last few episodes. Either that, or suddenly all the Doctor Who writers developed Stephen King envy all at once. -_-
    I just found out that I’m not actually that scared while watching those episodes. So horror movies are still a no, but I can handle psychological elements fairly well I guess…

    • Helloooo
      Yeah, It gets pretty gritty from season 6 onward. And I guess that’s fine if you enjoy dark and gritty, but I feel like that style is overused and contrary to the original spirit of Doctor Who. Eh, ah well
      The psychological stuff is pretty cool! It’s one of DW’s most attractive traits (though, ever the whiner, I still think the pre-Moffat seasons handled it far better).

      • Whoa…
        Meh. I guess I’ll stick with it. I kind of like Capaldi’s Doctor. He’s funny.
        What do you mean? I think it was Moffat who wrote “The Empty Child”… *scratches head*
        Yeah, I don’t enjoy the tone of most of the Matt Smith episodes as much so far. But RORY IS THE BEST HE’S SO AWESOME AND I WANT TO HUG LITTLE RORY BECAUSE HE’S ADORABLE AND EVERYONE PICKS ON HIM
        I will put up with the Matt Smith seasons, though, because the shooting techniques used in them probably led into the amazing cinematographic style of “Sherlock.”

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