Let’s All Be Heroes

A short tale of dragons and Elves. The first few chapters are a bit shabby, but it smooths out later on.

So: it’s my first story longer than two or three pages, and I’m pretty pleased with it myself. What do you think? Thirteen-year-old literary genius, or complete rubbish?

Part One: The Beginning

Part Two: Leaving Town

Part Three: Pointy Ears

Part Four: The Gathering Of Companions

Part Five: Travelers Gonna Travel

Part Six: Caves of Flame

Part Seven: Crystal Wood

Part Eight: Everybody’s Psychic

Part Nine: Tower Of Storm

Part Ten: Emeralds In The Trees

Part Eleven: Tunnels Of Leaf

Part Twelve: Bloody Psychics

Part Thirteen: A Light In The Darkness

Part Fourteen: The New Hero

Epilogue : Narrator



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