Epilogue: Narrator



                I wrote this story. I watched the two companions grow into warriors. I watched them recruit their friends, and watched them patrol the borders of Belecostar, protecting it. I looked after their boys, and dealt with the more sinister foes. In return, they made sure nobody cut down any of my trees.

If you haven’t figured out who I am by now, you’re a bloody idiot.

But if you really have no clue, I’ll give you a hint. As I finish putting this to paper, Berthond has just reached his twenty-fifth year. I am well into my eight-thousand-and-fifty-second.

This is a tale that shall never be forgotten. It shall be passed down through the generations, told of in song, and legend, and eventually as myth, but there are some who shall never forget. There’s me.

And so, I say hurrah. Hurrah for Berthond, Protector of Belecostar and our Candle in the Darkness. Hurrah for the legend that shall never die, that shall live in the hearts of the people of this realm forever.

And hurrah for pointy ears.


  1. Great story! It was pretty well-written and I love the genre. I could think of a few things to make it better, but it’s great as it is. You should consider trying to make it longer and writing it as a book. Maybe instead of making Selenbriar a good guy, make him take the Lestrines at the end and expand on that. I would definitely buy that book. Also, goo luck surviving the apocalypse everybody.

    • Since I tend to be impatient, I find it difficult to write long books. So what I’m doing is writing a whole bunch of short stories, like Let’s All be Heroes, talking about the adventures of Berthond’s descendants and such. Then I squash them into one big book, sort of like Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.
      I also need Selebriar to stay a good guy so I can have him reappear in every book, as a sort of Gellcomar Family Guardian.

      • That makes sense, I guess. I just prefer being evil, like in my DnD campaigns (although I wa a paladin once which was wierd). And I’m really impatient, too, but when I think that one day I might be able to publish my books and actually be a prominent writer, it helps me focus, for a while at least. I’ve started seven books and so far I’ve only got two done and about 30 pages on each of the others. I’m way too much of a procrastinator.

        • I’m a huge procrastinator too; the trick is to keep your ideas to yourself until you’ve finished getting them all down, so you don’t disappoint your audience by releasing late or anything.

          • Yeah, didn’t really get that down too well. Eh, I just need to stop being lazy and actually type up my stories instead of just writing them in school when I’m not playing euchre. And it would probably help if I weren’t playing computer games all the time. Probably get my work done faster.

  2. Ok, read this, loved the tale, loved the style. There is scope to expand this a lot, but it works as a short story. A short story is far more difficult than a novel, less time to develop the characters etc. you have done a great job with this, and you may wish to come back to it one day. Looking forward to reading more of your work, and great sketches too….

  3. *giggles* I like Selebriar. He’s now officially one of my all-time favorite fictional people. 😀

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